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Being an HE Learner


Being a learner in Higher Education can be a different experience from previous levels of learning. In this video John Joe Mulherin discusses how to approach your studies whilst at University.

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  •  JJM: John Joe Mulherin - Student Liaison Officer, University of East London

JJM: There’s an expectation in British Higher Education, it’s sort of a step up from other areas of learning. You need to develop critical thinking, you need to be assessing a wide range of texts. You need to be looking at loads of different sources of information. So you might be looking at the difference between a book and a journal, maybe a documentary. You could be listing all of those in your references. But what’s different and what’s unique about Higher Education is you’re expected to be coming up with your own ideas. You’re expected to be looking at different concepts and different ideas and things that have been taught, so you’re using facts that are out there, you’re using people, like studies and history, so you’re using stuff that’s famously published, but what you’re doing is you’re taking a wide breadth of information. And you’re not just regurgitating it, you’re not just repeating what’s been written before. But you’re bringing it all together and you’re giving your own slant on it, your own way of expressing that set of information with possibly some new ideas of your own that haven’t been written before.

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